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Thursday, April 18, 2024

General Information

The Board designates the following as a military applicant, and all are eligible to have the application fee portion of payment waived. Proof of military identification (military id, military orders, or military discharge forms) must be submitted to receive a waiver of the application fee.

  • Military-Trained
  • Active Military Member
  • Active Military Member Spouse
  • Veteran/Veteran Spouse

NOTE: A qualifying military applicant who obtains a North Carolina PT/PTA license is not exempt from the annual license renewal fee.

Depending on military status, military applicants must adhere to the processes designated below.

Active Military Member/Military Member Spouse with active military orders that brought them to the state of North Carolina and who have a current, verified license in another state that is a member state of the PT Compact, must apply for Compact privileges to practice in North Carolina per Public Law - 117-333, Section 19, effective January 5, 2023. (Click here for link to PT Compact states. )

Public Law - 117-333, Section 19 also states that if the current, verified license is from a state that is not a member state of the PT Compact, then “practice privileges” are issued by the Board. This privilege ends when the active military orders expire. An active license must be maintained in another state during the period covered by the active military orders. Copies of active military orders and a copy of the current state PT/PTA license from another state must be submitted to the Board.

NOTE: This law does not preclude active military member/spouse from becoming licensed as a PT/PTA in the state of North Carolina, especially if planning to become a North Carolina resident after the active military orders expire.

Veteran/Veteran Spouse with a current, verified license in another state may be eligible for a temporary permit prior to completing the application for licensure.

An active license in another state must be maintained during the period covered by either compact privileges or temporary practice privileges for the privilege to practice in North Carolina to remain valid. The Board must be immediately advised of any changes in the status of the PT/PTA license from another state and/or military orders.

NC PT/PTA Compact Privileges, Practice Privileges, and Temporary Permits are considered equivalent to a license to practice as a PT/PTA in North Carolina. All require compliance with the NC PT Practice Act and Board rules and the privileges and responsibilities they carry.

Military-Trained Applicants for PTA licensure who are not licensed in another U.S. jurisdiction, may be eligible to become licensed using military training as part of their educational requirement.

Military Applicants for an initial PT/PTA licensure (not licensed in another U.S. jurisdiction) must complete the application process and submit proof of military identification to have the application fee waived. The applicant will be required to submit payment for the costs of the FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check.

The application is active for one year from the date of submission after which it will be destroyed if it has not been completed, including the furnishing of all documents and records that are requested. File to be destroyed per the state functional record retention schedule. 

Note: Applicants without a social security number at the time of application should consider waiting to submit an application until after it has been received. A license cannot be granted without a social security number.

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