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Jurisprudence Exercise requirement for continuing competence is defined under Board Rule 21 NCAC 48G .0109 Continuing Competence Activities:

(k) During each reporting period, every licensee must complete a jurisprudence exercise provided by the Board. The jurisprudence exercise shall be available online at the Board's website, and a certificate of completion shall be issued to a licensee at the conclusion of the exercise, at which time one point shall be awarded to the licensee. The maximum number of points allowed during a reporting period is three.

Therefore, licensees are required to complete at least one Jurisprudence Exercise during the reporting period (either JE-I, JE-II, or JE-III). Licensees may complete one Jurisprudence exercise and receive 1 point, or licensees may complete more than one exercise and receive points for each exercise up to a maximum of 3 points per reporting period.

NEW APPLICANTS (endorsement and examination) are required to complete Jurisprudence Exercise I before a license will be issued. This online exercise can be completed after the Board receives and processes the online application and all fees.

CURRENT PT/PTA LICENSEE HOLDERS may logon and complete an online jurisprudence exercise any time during their Continuing Competence reporting period. Upon successful completion of the exercise, the licensee will be able to print a “Certificate of Completion” with the equivalent of one (1) contact hour (1 point) for continuing competence, or save a copy of the certificate to a file. Licensees with the required current email on file with the Board will also receive an emailed copy. [If your return email address does not accept email from, you will not receive your jurisprudence certificate.]

COMPACT PRIVILEGE HOLDERS should refer to regulations of home state for Continuing Competence requirements. NC Compact Privilege Holders should complete JE I within 30 days of compact privilege issuance and compact privilege renewal.

There is NO FEE for the Jurisprudence Exercises

Jurisprudence Exercise I (JE-I) is designed to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public by familiarizing applicants and current licensees with the North Carolina Physical Therapy Practice Act, Board Rules, and Position Statements.

Jurisprudence Exercise II (JE-II) is designed to familiarize licensees with the rules related to the requirements for continuing competence.

Jurisprudence Exercise III (JE-III) is designed to spotlight the North Carolina Physical Therapy Practice Act regulations, Board rules, and Position Statements that are often misunderstood by licensees.

Suggestions for completing a Jurisprudence Exercise:

  1. Allow approximately one (1) hour to complete the exercise (25 questions). If you need to stop the exercise for any reason, you may come back to it at a later time and restart where you left off.
  2. Prior to taking the exercise, review the North Carolina Physical Therapy Practice Act, Board Rules, and Position Statements. Open these documents on the computer for easy reference
  3. Each question must be answered correctly before proceeding to the next question.
  4. Review the sample questions before beginning a Jurisprudence Exercise. Sample questions demonstrate the use of references required to complete the exercise.

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