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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

You may revive your NC PT/PTA license with this method if your NC PT/PTA license has been lapsed for more than five years and you do not have a current, active license in another state. This option is available if you are not choosing to retake the NPTE.

The application is active for one year from the date of submission after which it will be destroyed if it has not been completed, including the furnishing of all documents and records that are requested. File to be destroyed per the state functional record retention schedule. 

Note: Applicants without a social security number at the time of application should consider waiting to submit an application until after it has been received. A license cannot be granted without a social security number.

Note:  Applicant must satisfactorily compile at least 500 hours within the period of one year in the following manner: 
  1. Print and Complete the Revival application and submit to the Board office by mail or email, click here
  2. Between 50 and 200 class hours of course work (for example, refresher courses, continuing education, pertinent college courses) that have been pre-approved by the Board (these class hours should be designed to demonstrate proficiency in current physical therapy theory and practice); and
  3. Remainder of hours (500 hours minus number of class hours) working as an aide under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist (training and the supervising physical therapist must also be pre-approved by the Board).
  1. Print and Complete the Revival application and submit to the Board office by mail or email, click here
  2. Submit your payment online, click here   PLEASE NOTE: ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE:
  3. Two character references (forms at end of application) are required from individuals who are not relatives and who have known the applicant for at least one year.
    These forms must be returned to the Board office (mail or email) by the individual completing the reference.  
  4. Complete and pass Jurisprudence Exercise I on the Board website.
  5. Submit a written revival plan for completion of 500 hours of coursework and supervised clinical work for Board pre-approval. Board meetings are held four (4) times each year: March, June, September, and December. The plan should contain:
    1. Coursework listing of courses that will be completed and the number of hours for each between 50 and 200 class hours (refresher course, continuing education, pertinent college courses, etc.) Courses must be designed to demonstrate proficiency in current physical therapy theory and practice. (Course certificates or transcripts may be provided as evidence of completion.)
    2. Supervised Clinical Practice – for the remainder of the 500 hours – provide the name of the clinical PT supervisor and written acknowledgment of their agreement to provide supervision and the facility where the work as an Aide will be performed. (A daily log of hours completed and signed by the supervisor may be submitted as evidence of completion.
  6. Board will review plan. Once approved, the plan may be executed, and documentation of activities completed should be submitted to the Board office via email or mail.

After your license is revived:

NOTE: You are reviving a current year license that must be renewed annually by January 31.

  1. Check your reporting period: You will receive an email with the dates of your reporting period. If you have any questions, please contact the Board immediately. 
  2. Review the Practice Act, Board Rules and Position Statements
  3. Understand the Continuing Competence Rules.  Familiarize yourself with the Board rules related to Continuing Competence. One point of Jurisprudence Exercise is MANDATORY; other points may be earned according to the rules applicable to each category. . 
  4. Per Board rule 21 NCAC 48F .0105: Licensee must notify the Board within 30 days of a change of name or work or home address.
If you have further questions or need additional information about reviving a PT or PTA license, send an email to: and add “Revival” to subject line, or call (919) 490-6393 or (800) 800-8982 and leave a message.

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