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Friday, February 3, 2023

NCBPTE Continuing Competence Resources:
Professional Self-Assessment/Reflective Practice Exercise

NC PT licensees may earn points toward continuing competence activities for license renewal by completion of a Self-Assessment/ Reflective Practice Exercise.  There are two options:

  1. Completion of the NCBPTE created activity listed below, OR
  2. Completion of an approved, self-assessment activity that includes the following elements:
    1. Evaluation of current professional practice abilities,
    2. Establishment of goals to improve those abilities,
    3. Development of a plan of action to meet those goals,
    4. Documentation of accomplishment of the goals.

You may submit a self-assessment or reflective practice exercise for approval prior to completing it or use the exercise NCBPTE has designed. 

NCBPTE Self-Assessment/Reflective Practice Exercise

To earn 5 points toward the Self-Assessment Continuing Competence Category, all 5 parts must be completed in their entirety.    

The purpose of the exercise is to help clinicians assess their level of competence and to develop goals and a plan of action for improvement.  It is not a one-time exercise, but is designed to help licensees develop a professional roadmap.  Therefore, it should be maintained and updated on a regular basis during the reporting period.  A copy of all materials should be kept as documentation of the continuing competence activity.   

NOTE: APTA materials are copyrighted and are being used with the express permission of APTA.  Any use or reproduction of APTA materials for other than for the completion of a personal self-assessment to meet the North Carolina continuing competence requirement is prohibited unless specific permission is obtained from APTA.

  1. Evaluation of current profession practice abilities: (Complete all 3 components)
    Provide a current resume / curriculum vitae in standard professional format 
  2. Professionalism - Self-Assessment: APTA’s Self Assessment “Professionalism in Physical Therapy: Core Values” : Link to APTA website:
    Complete the following Self-Assessment (for either PT or PTA), keep a copy for your records.

    PT: Professionalism Core Values:

    PTA: Values-based Behaviors for the PTA

  3. Complete a Self Assessment of Clinical Practice:

    Choose one of the following options and complete the Self-Assessment.  Keep a copy for your records:

    1. Members of the APTA can access specialty self assessments in the following areas:  1. Cardiovascular & Pulmonary, 2. Clinical Electrophysiologic, 3. Geriatric, 4. Neurologic, 5. Orthopaedic, 6. Pediatric , 7. Sports, and 8. Women's Health.  Choose the appropriate specialty link.
    2. Licensees may complete the NCBPTE clinical self assessment developed using the APTA Minimum Required Skills of Physical Therapist Assistant or Physical Therapist Graduates at Entry Level OR another NCBPTE approved self-assessment tool. 

       NCBPTE Clinical Practice Self-Assessment PT

       NCBPTE Clinical Practice Self-Assessment PTA

Establishment of goals, development of a plan of action to meet those goals, documentation of accomplishment of the goals: Complete 4 and 5.

  1. After completing #2, use the results to Complete the NCBPTE’s Reflective Practice Exercise I – Professionalism Form (below), which will assist the licensee in establishment of professionalism goals, developing a plan of action, and documentation of goals met.

     RPEI Professionalism PT

     RPEI Professionalism PTA

  2. After completing one of the options listed in #3,  use the results to complete the appropriate (PT, PTA or Generic) NCBPTE  Reflective Practice Exercise  – Clinical Practice Form, which will assist the licensee in establishment of clinical goals , developing a plan of action, and documentation of goals met. 

     RPEII Clinical Practice PTA

     RPEIII Clinical Practice PT

     RPEIV Clinical Practice PT

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