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Friday, February 3, 2023

Continuing Competence Requirements for License Renewal
(updated 09-30-2022)

The North Carolina Physical Therapy Practice Act requires that continuing competence activities be completed for license renewal.  Continuing Competence is defined by NCBPTE rule as a “licensee’s ongoing activities to augment knowledge, skills, behaviors and abilities related to the practice of physical therapy.”  Continuing education is one means of earning points however continuing competence encompasses a broad range of activities.  Further descriptions for activities that meet the Board requirements for earning continuing competence points are found in the Board’s rules for Continuing Competence

Detailed information can be found on the Board website under the Continuing Competence links.  It is the responsibility of the licensee to read, understand and comply with the requirements.  Summary information answering commonly asked questions can be found below:

Reporting and Renewal periods defined:

Category Frequency Time Period

License renewal


By January 31

Continuing Competence Reporting Periods
30 points PT/20 points PTA

25 months

January 1 through January 31

(example: January 1, 2023 through January 31, 2025)

To find your reporting period, use your login to access the online continuing competence report on the Board website.

Each PT licensee must accumulate 30 points and each PTA licensee must accumulate 20 points of continuing competence activities during the assigned reporting period to be eligible for license renewal. The points must include one mandatory point from a Jurisprudence Exercise. There is a 25-month period to complete the continuing competence requirement.

If you have questions about reporting periods for continuing competence, send an email inquiry to: [email protected] and note “Continuing Competence Question” in the subject line.

Click on the Continuing Competence tab on the home page of the Board website and look for the Continuing Competence Reporting button. Use your login information to access your online report. This web-based report is accessible 24/7 once your reporting period is open. New reporting periods are added to the online reporting system as soon as possible after license renewals end on January 31. After logging in, follow the directions on each page to directly enter activities into the report.

Points may be earned in ways described in Board Rule 21 NCAC 48G .0109. Suggestions and information are available under the Continuing Competence links on the website.

License renewal is EVERY YEAR online at the Board website from November 1 to January 31 (5 pm Eastern Standard Time). For your first renewal there is NO continuing competence report required. Enter information on each screen, provide payment of the renewal fee, and print a copy of the renewal card and receipt. Review carefully for accuracy.

After the first renewal, periodic reporting of continuing competence activities is required. Enter activities when completed into your Continuing Competence Report page (see above). When renewing at the end of a reporting period, all continuing competence activities, including Jurisprudence Exercise, must be completed by January 31.

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